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Puppy Love!

Meet the newest member of the Nest team, Lisa’s  adorablerescuer dog.  So docile, perfect doggy for our store! (My Westie, maybe not so much)

 Having a dog in the store made us all realize how much we like dogs in decorating.  We love foo dogs in particular, especially if you can find them in great colors.  Also love the way staffordshire or staffordshire style dogs look in an interior, either a very traditional English style interior, or mixed in with other styles.  

 We plan to be introducing some new doggy related items soon, so stay tuned! They’re going to be really good..

 Have a great day!


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Saturday morning birdwatching!!!

Nest loves birds…… so at a local estate sale this morning, I was lucky enough to snatch up these fabulous bird prints, along with an old copy of Field Guide to Birds Nests. The prints will find their way to the walls of Nest  (re-opening March 30th, after some remodeling and re-feathering!), but the nest book is mine to keep:)  My cute husband who spends half of his time in trees and the woods, is always binging me these adorable nests, but we never know what bird has made them.  Now i will have a reference, and it will be fun to identify the little homebuilder.

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